To go further: What is a wine merchant and producer?

As mentioned in our previous article (read here), the occupation of wine merchant and producer appeared in the 18th century. This trade consists in acquiring grapes or wine from other winemakers, and then aging it and selling it.

At Patriarche Pere et Fils, we source very young wines from our wine-growing partners, with whom we maintain strong relations. Some of these collaborations have been carefully constructed for many years. We pay great attention to the quality of the work of the winegrowers whom we choose as business partners.

After acquiring wines that have passed the alcoholic fermentation stage, our know-how and our tradition come into play. The wines are aged in our cellars in Challanges, in the plain of Beaune. Once bottled, great wines are stored in the heart of our vaulted cellars, the largest in Burgundy, which stretch for 5 km under the streets of Beaune. Depending on the appellation and the vintage, we will prefer aging in barrels. The duration and percentage of new parts is a choice that can be made thanks to our expertise of over 240 years.

There are several advantages to this approach. First of all, by buying raw materials from different winegrowers, we are able to make high quality selections without depending on a single origin. It also allows us to produce a wider variety of wines.

In order to become a wine merchant and producer, it is better to be passionate about it. Raising a wine is a difficult activity, because we must know how to distinguish the specificities that indicate whether the vintage is suitable for a long life or not. Leading a wine to complete its aging requires great patience! It is nevertheless a rewarding profession, since we contribute to enhance the appellations of the terroir, just as much as regular winemakers.

Located in the heart of the wine route since the 18th century, the Maison Patriarche is the ambassador of the diversity of Burgundy wines. We ensure that the richness of the region's wines is represented through the vintages we produce.

To learn more about the particularities of our wines, feel free to consult our catalog.


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